February 22, 2018

About Us

AC·CLIV·I·TY    [əˈklivədē/] noun     1. an upward slope.

Acclivity Health Solutions has created a platform "ecosystem" that provides support to patients and their families, providers, employers, and health plans. Our solutions provide a managed care approach to fulfill the needs of each constituent across the full palliative care continuum. We can help you to improve staff workflow efficiencies, improve outcomes for patients and proxies, all while providing increased opportunities for the provision of optimal care, which only enhances clinician job satisfaction.


Acclivity is committed to revolutionizing the way seriously ill patients navigate their healthcare journeys by creating technologies that enhance life while mitigating suffering in all its forms.


We provide a flexible, scalable, proprietary, technology-enabled managed-care platform called Sagus, as well as patient care coordination services to proactively address the most expensive, complex patient populations.

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Our mission is to measurably enhance and improve care and quality of life for seriously ill patients, their families and ultimately, the greater community-at-large by creating sustainable change throughout the entire healthcare continuum, one that provides an opportunity for new, more informed levels of decision-making based on a revolutionary combination of data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Now is the time!

Join us as we forge the way to the future of palliative care.

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