Acclivity Health Solutions Releases White Paper

Acclivity’s machine learning platform predicts patient prognosis using claims data

July 26, 2018, JACKSONVILLE, FL. Acclivity Health Solutions, a healthcare technology company, released a compelling paper documenting achievements and insights on the mechanics behind its machine learning platform. Acclivity is predicting patients’ prognoses to help physicians prioritize life quality, meet patient goals of care, and improve clinical outcomes. These results build upon earlier outputs from academic studies showcasing the prowess of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. Continued advances in machine learning models and features will drive important insights to support the critical demand for bettering healthcare outcomes for our country’s most frail patients.

Jeremy Powell, CEO of Acclivity Health Solutions commented, “Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has recognized the benefits of technology, driving regulatory requirements for the adoption of electronic records, interoperable notifications systems, and telehealth services. Many of these tools used are focused on an average patient’s information, with few tools addressing the specific needs of healthcare’s most complex patients. Acclivity’s solution provides critical insight for patients facing advanced, life-limiting illnesses, and illuminates opportunities for shared decision-making.” “Our tooling,” continued Powell, “has been integrated within the indispensable solutions provided to support the clinical team, patient and family members with their care journeys. We are seeing a successful adoption of our platform, and more importantly, we are showcasing outcomes that align with patient preferences related to their personal goals of care.”

Sagus, Acclivity’s platform, leverages a proprietary machine learning model to scan patient data and predict prognoses by a time series standard with greater than 90% accuracy. Sagus is designed to engage patients where prognosis is predicted at three, six, nine, and twelve-month marks. Patients are prioritized by need due to life-limiting disease into referral queues, ensuring patients are empowered with remedial and comfort measures as they approach more significant symptoms and higher disease burden. Sagus has been adopted nationally by providers, payers, patients, and families to provide additional visibility and in turn, the best possible care for healthcare’s most complex patients. To learn more about Acclivity, or to download this white paper, please visit us at

About Acclivity
Acclivity Health Solutions provides a platform to support patients, families, providers and health plans with care and dignity. Sagus serves to provide a managed care approach to the needs of each constituent across the full palliative journey. We improve efficiencies of the clinical staff across the entire workflow and enhance the outcomes of patients and proxies. To learn more, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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