Acclivity strengthens your provider network, reduces cost for your highest risk patients, and increases shared savings bonuses and reimbursements.

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Manage cost and utilization, and track financial performance analytics designed specifically for you.

To maximize shared savings, you need the right analytics and workflow tools to monitor patients, identify opportunities, and prioritize work for care managers.

Acclivity provides the most cost-effective risk management and population health tools available. We enable you to focus limited resources on the complex and rising-risk patients that account for the majority of spend. While other vendors deliver a one size fits all solution, Acclivity listens to your needs, and configures analytics, workflows, and reporting to fit the way you work


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ACO using Acclivity.


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The Connected Care Platform for ACO/DCE/CIN ORGANIZATIONS

Enjoy a 360º view of your clinical, financial, and operational landscape.

Acclivity Health can help you increase your incremental revenue by up to 400% under value-based contracts. We simplify actions and consolidate exclusive data into new insights, so you meet key performance measures. In addition, role specific dashboards, automated workflows, and managed-care program experts facilitate action to increasing revenue under value-based contracts.

Unfortunately, EHRs alone won't give your provider network the most up-to-date, 360° view of your patient’s entire continuum of care. Having access to the right type of actionable data ensures patients receive the right care at the right time in the right place, and improves your bottom line.

Experience the unique capabilities Acclivity offers to ACO/DCE/CIN Organizations


Reduce ER utilization and inpatient readmissions through improved transition of care services. Increase revenues from targeted programs to drive enhanced care management and better financial outcomes from your total patient panel.


Increase revenues from targeted programs to drive enhanced care management and better financial outcomes from your total patient panel.


Measure the disease burden for all your patients, without a physical examination, using Acclivity’s Palliative Performance Score (PPS) estimates


Match the acuity and severity of need to the appropriate engagement strategy

At A Glance

Point of care clinicians will receive contextual and situationally aware detail about every patient that they engage through scheduled appointment or ad hoc engagements.

Interoperability Framework

Work more seamlessly with your participant organizations and preferred partners to achieve outcomes by understanding clinical, financial and engagement metrics and behaviors that are needed to succeed.

Value Index

Clearly identify the patients that have the highest need for patient care by understanding the relative value of that need for each patient on each panel within each practice. Achieve great success by getting the right patients in front of your most precious assets, your clinicians.

Unparalleled risk assessment at a lower cost.

Track your financial performance and manage utilization with analytics designed specifically for your organization.

Acclivity provides the most cost-effective risk assessment and population health management tools available to the ACO market. We give you the tools you need to focus your limited resources on the high-risk pool of patients that is in constant churn and drives roughly 50% of your population’s total costs. While other vendors make you conform your operations to their technology solutions, Acclivity listens to your needs, and configures your analytics, workflows, and reporting to fit the way you work.

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