Is your ACO set up to succeed?

The new ACO REACH Model went into effect 1/1. Our data can help you with risk stratification, network management, and ensure you qualify for optimal bonuses and reimbursements this year.

Are you prepared?

Our ACO Clients have an 80% success rate achieving shared savings goals

Plus, our suite of services can help you comply with the new ACO REACH guidelines and provide more equitable, efficient care insights to strengthen your network and surpass bonus benchmarks.

Why Acclivity?

Acclivity is the #1 ACO REACH partner because we offer:

  • Reliable data, all in one place.

    When you can see the full patient journey, including social determinants of health and health equity analytics, you can provide the highest-value and most efficient care for your patients, while keeping them in your provider network, mitigating risk, and minimizing unnecessary costs.

  • Data that works for you.

    Unlike other platforms, we interpret the data into action steps surrounding risk stratification, risk management, and care management workflows that you can start using today. So you can focus on the 5% of your population that accounts for over 50% of your cost.

  • A full patient history, in real-time.

    You’ll know when a patient enters the hospital, sees a new provider, or gets results back, so you’re never in the dark about your patients’ care.

  • Predictive analysis software.

    Identify which patients to deliver care to before entering high-utilization periods. So you can provide preventative care that can keep your patients healthier for longer and reduce future medical costs.

  • Experts in your corner.

    Our healthcare economists are at your disposal to consult on ACO REACH, MSSP, Primary Care First, Oncology Enhancement Model, and more.

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The ACO REACH model promotes health equity and focuses on bringing the benefits of accountable care to Medicare beneficiaries in underserved communities. Acclivity Health offers a unique coordinated care platform to support that goal with effective tools to ensure your success and avoid any fines or penalties.
  • Predictive analytics to ensure patients get the right care at the right time
  • Risk stratification and network management 
  • Social determinants of health and health equity analytics
  • Leakage management
  • Workflows to monitor patients and identify opportunities for care improvement
  • Reporting capabilities for improved transparency
  • And more!

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