Integrating Social Care into Healthcare

By Robin Stawasz It seems to be a well-accepted conclusion that clinical outcomes depend a great deal on factors other than the medical care provided. Studies bear this out, our experiences with those we have cared for bear this out, and our own lives bear this out. Unfortunately, we still seem to think of social […]

Why Tech? What Tech?

By Robin Stawasz When I started as a hospice social worker MANY years ago, all charting was on paper. I had maps and atlases filling the seats of my car to get me where I needed to go. Our height of technology was a single satellite phone the size of a suitcase that the staff […]

Stepping Outside of the Hospice Box

By Robin Stawasz When hospice providers ask me about the possibility of expanding their service lines outside of the traditional hospice benefit, I recommend that they ask themselves one vital question – “What is your mission?” If I hear back some form of “to provide hospice”, they may not fully understand what expansion will involve. […]

What Social Drivers have the Greatest Impact?

By Robin Stawasz It has been well accepted that social drivers of health (SDOH) have a tremendously significant impact on health outcomes for us all (note – I prefer “social drivers” to “social determinants” as these issues influence, but do not dictate, outcomes). These factors can influence treatment success to a greater extent than the […]

Hospices Need to Prepare for CMS’ New Survey Policy

By Robin Stawasz Nothing is quite as disruptive to a hospice organization as a licensing survey. When the surveyors show up, all routine is disrupted as staff anxiously wait to see what they will find. Since good preparation can go a long way in avoiding or mitigating any deficiencies, it is vital that to know […]