Remote Connection Helps Hospice Providers and Patients

The Acclivity Connected Health App Enables Safe and Compassionate Patient Engagement

With the Acclivity Connected Health App, you can provide the compassionate care your patients deserve without putting providers, patients, or their loved ones at risk during a disease outbreak.

You don’t have to be a technology whiz to get started. Once you sign in, the Acclivity mobile app is intuitive. Communicating and sharing data with your patients and their caregivers is fast, easy, and effective.

Get patient information at a glance.

Use the Connected Health App to conduct pre-visit consultations with patients and their proxies. With a few clicks, you, the caregiver, or patient can enter information on a mobile device in a Q&A format.

You always have immediate access to your patients’ medical histories, current symptoms, pain status, and medications. The data lives securely on the cloud, so can quickly recommend the right services to ensure high quality care.

Give your patients and families peace of mind.

Your patients and their caregivers can use the Call Nurse function any time to get immediate attention, without having to look up a phone number or deal with voice mail.

If you need to schedule a telehealth visit, you will see what kind of device the patient is using so you know what kind of video application — Apple Facetime or Android Duo — you should use when returning the call.

Predict end of life more accurately.

Improve your ability to prognosticate how much time the patient has left. The caregiver can complete a hospice caregiver survey of recent patient behavior daily, weekly, or as needed. The eight questions have been specifically developed to pinpoint whether a patient is starting to enter the last critical 10 to 12 days of life.

The data in the app lets you match the level of your hospice care continuously to the changing physical and emotional needs of patients and their families. Not only will you be able to schedule staff more effectively and improve your workflows, but you can ensure a nurse or social worker makes home visits during the final seven and three days of life and receive Medicare Service Intensity Add-on (SIA) payments.

Manage symptoms remotely.

Keep up to date with each patient’s health status. Patients and/or their caregivers can use the app to report new symptoms and quality of life factors. This includes a special section on COVID-19, a pain scale, and other symptoms that help you determine what kind of intervention to provide.

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Live Presentation Recording from April 22, 2020
Connect Remotely for Safe and Compassionate Patient Engagement

Listen to this webinar where we discussed how your hospice staff can stay in constant contact with patients and families securely and from a safe distance while we navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

If you’d like to discuss how your hospice organization can implement this effective mobile technology and provide security to your staff and patients, contact Acclivity Health at 904-562-1368 or email