Data at the Point of Care

Data at the Point of Care (DPC) is a CMS application programming interface (API) pilot that enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by making a patient's Medicare claims data available to the provider for treatment purposes.

As patients move throughout the healthcare system, providers often struggle to gain and maintain a complete picture of their patients’ medical history. Data at the Point of Care aims to fill these gaps in care with Medicare Fee-For-Service claims data to inform providers with secure, structured, and standardized data for improved quality of beneficiary care.

How Acclivity Health helps with data at the point of care:

First, Acclivity Health accesses Data at the Point of Care on your behalf – something we are able to do because Acclivity is one of only three approved CMS technology vendors. We then connect our data, your data, and DPC to provide new insights and the true full picture of a patient’s history, all accessible within your current EMR/EHR/PMS. 3 key benefits are:

  1. Get More Data – Learn about new diagnoses, medications, completed procedures, and preventive items on your patients’ visits to other clinics, including urgent care, hospitals, and ER visits.
  2. Manage Less Paperwork – Facilitate seamless transitions of care across provider teams by sharing a fuller picture of the patient’s care.
  3. Improve quality of Care – Spend less time tracking down patient records or relying on the patient’s memory for their medical history. Spend more time delivering better care and addressing patient needs during the visit.

We also help hospice and palliative organizations leverage DPC to increase both internal and external referrals:

  1. We get DPC from your external partners so ALL claims history and real-time claims feed workflows and reports to notify so you can reach out to your partner for referrals easier, sooner, and with better accuracy.

  2. We get a patient roster from internal partners (palliative, primary care, home health) to get them registered for DPC, then to get ALL the claims history and real-time claim data into workflows to notify you sooner about potential internal referrals.

  3. We ensure you utilize DPC Data on current patients to know what’s happening with the patient outside of your organization (Primary care visit, specialty visits, new meds etc.). This helps detect potential lost revenue from over-utilization, potential payment standard issues that lead to CMS audits. 

Read more about how Acclivity enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by leveraging Data at the Point of Care.  

Download the Acclivity DPC Data Sheet

If you would like to learn more about Data at the Point of Care or how Acclivity Health can help your organization, please get in touch and one of our experts will contact you.

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