May 4, 2018

Out of the Box Resources

Death is a subject that seems to be more taboo than religion, money, or politics, regardless of the fact that it is something we will all face. Thankfully, there are some amazing resource out there for folks who are navigating the final stages of life for themselves or a loved one. Find a few of our favorites below.

Death is a difficult subject to talk about, much less navigate. Michele Little has created Beautiful Dying to help people navigate the end of their lives, including finances, directives, discussion, and the spiritual journey.

After a loved one has passed, there is often a memorial, filled with an outpouring of love and fond memories. What if you could share all of this with the person you loved, before they were gone? The Living Wake makes that possible, with downloadable tool kits for milestone birthdays, advanced diagnoses, and last chapter celebrations

There is one basic human fact that applies to us all: we are going to die. Studies show that 75% of Americans wish to die in their homes - but only 25% actually do. Death over dinner provides the tools to invite your friends and loved ones to your dinner table to break bread and bring the topic of death back into the light.