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Acclivity Announces Partnership with Physicians Group Services

JACKSONVILLE, FL. –  Acclivity Health Solutions announces new partnership with Physicians Group Services of Jacksonville, Florida. Physicians Groups Services (PGS) brings experts together to improve support for patient’s healthcare needs by using best in class technologies to support PGS’s mission to deliver the best quality of care from pediatrics to geriatrics.

The partnership will provide more than 20,000 seniors in Northeast Florida with supported, connected care stemming from Acclivity’s platform and care coordination resources provided by PGS. Seniors will have greater access to providers, who will be working directly from the most modern, patient-centric tooling that presents opportunities for patients to be engaged according to their needs.

“Having a focused-lens on the seniors in our population, who might have difficulty getting to appointments, or complying with medication regiments, is now visible to our staff of care-coordinators. Our staff can intervene, resolve and remove the barriers, schedule appointments, manage transitions and provide better communication capabilities on the Acclivity system. We expect significant improvements for all our seniors,” said Bridget Roberts, CEO of PGS.

“We have been fortunate to attract really high caliber providers to our platform, and PGS is exemplary of the best in Florida. Our platform in the hands of their providers will continue to showcase the talents of their team and provide every opportunity for patients under their care to achieve the best outcomes,” said Jeremy Powell, CEO of Acclivity Health Solutions. “The overall mission at Acclivity Health Solutions is to provide high-quality, modern solutions and connected care to all patients. Our work with seniors in Northeast Florida wouldn’t be complete without world-class providers, like those at PGS, progressively embracing technology to advance care delivery.”