April 23, 2018

Patient’s Family

Many family members unequivocally remember the moment they heard of a loved one’s diagnosis with a serious illness. Some describe it as the moment when all of life changed. Some say it feels as though the diagnosis became etched in their hearts with a permanent maker on that day. Nearly all wish they could “do something.”

Family members can indeed become a part of the process by participating in Acclivity’s unique platform that provides access to patient designated individuals who wish to participate in the care journey of their loved one. Why is this important? Because we know it “takes a village” to care for a family member coping with a life-threatening illness — and we also understand that the participation of family or extended family members can be so important to the overall well being of most patients throughout their illness.




At Acclivity, we want family members to feel as though they have a reliable, dependable resource at their fingertips. Someplace to turn to when they need perspective, insight or inspiration on what it’s like to be the family member of someone who is seriously ill. Acclivity allows for you to help make informed decisions. It’s time designated family members have access to the information they need, so they can make the best choices possible.