Acclivity Health has the data, technology, and expertise to create care networks for the costliest beneficiaries to ensure success with VBID.

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Acclivity Health helps payers, their providers, and their hospices improve value-based performance across the care continuum.

Acclivity has identified two key metrics that gauge the success of value-based contracts, including CMS’ Value-Base Insurance Design (VBID) program, Direct Contracting, and Primary Care First: Hospice Mortality Rate and Length of Stay (LOS). Early identification of members approaching the end-of-life period is vital to maximizing both metrics. Without AI mortality modeling tools, 66% of seriously ill patients receive their first palliative care visit in an inpatient setting, and most not until 2 weeks before death – which adversely impact both care quality and costs.


Savings per Medicare patient.


Utilization improvement for 
hospice/palliative patients.


Hospice Length of Stay (LOS).

The Connected Care Platform for Payers, MCOs and MSOs

Unparalleled tracking of performance and outcomes in value-based managed contracts.

Our Connected Care Platform includes the algorithms, analytics, and workflows needed to develop and manage both the palliative care network and the value-based care contracts that promote positive provider behavior. In addition, Acclivity provides AI Mortality Models to quickly identify and shift the initial visit from the Inpatient setting to a specialized setting, which promotes better quality of care and financial outcomes.

Experience the unique capabilities Acclivity offers to Payers


Actionable insights into your seriously ill population which will improve your medical loss ratio and optimize VBID reimbursement


Insight into key metrics that gauge the success of the VBID program – Deaths on Hospice and Hospice Length of Stay


AI mortality models help you identify which beneficiaries should be offered palliative care and which are eligible for hospice within the next 12, 6, or 3 months.
Consultation Views
Further your plan’s visibility into future outcomes by benchmarking any of your individual members against our total data set to validate and coalesce around “best next intervention” for each member your plan

Interoperability Framework

Work more seamlessly with your participant organizations and preferred partners to achieve outcomes by understanding clinical, financial and engagement metrics and behaviors that are needed to succeed.

Value Index

Clearly identify the patients that have the highest need for patient care by understanding the relative value of that need for each patient on each panel within each practice. Achieve great success by getting the right patients in front of your most precious assets, your clinicians.

Increasing hospice utilization leads to improved patient outcomes, higher patient and family satisfaction, improved provider satisfaction, and lower costs.

Identify beneficiaries who would benefit from a palliative intervention, including hospice. These individuals can receive the most effective level of care and engage in care discussions that are key in preventing future crises and improving right sized care.

With Acclivity you gain an established network of hospices and other care providers that can provide the best care for patients across the care continuum. Through our interconnected network, data sharing capabilities, and prospective data analytics, you can maximize your hospice and palliative care opportunities. Contact us to learn more.


Avg. increase in life expectancy for patients receiving hospice care.


Avg. per patient reduction of cost for patients receiving early referrals to hospice.


Increase in hospice length of stay for referrals utilizing the Acclivity platform.

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