Acclivity Health's Software Can Help Your Primary Care First Management

Primary Care First (PCF) is a voluntary, five-year alternative payment model to reduce Medicare spending by preventing avoidable inpatient hospital admissions and improve quality and access to care for all beneficiaries, particularly those with complex chronic conditions and serious illness.

How Acclivity Health helps you thrive under PCF:

  1. Aggregate data from multiple, disparate sources to create a unified patient record
  2. Deliver powerful analytics and predictive models to identify care management opportunities
  3. Deploy event-triggered workflows to streamline practice operations
  4. Track and measure performance against key drivers of success
  5. Provide hands-on guidance from subject matter experts to ensure success in primary care first and other value-based contracts

Other unique capabilities Acclivity offers to support PCF participants

  1. Reduce ER utilization and inpatient readmissions through improved transition of care services.
  2. Increase revenues from targeted programs to drive enhanced care management and better financial outcomes from your total patient panel.
  3. Measure the disease burden for all your patients, without a physical examination, using Acclivity’s Palliative Performance Score (PPS) estimates.
  4. Build cohorts for targeted referral programs by refining the eligible patient list using palliative indicators like mortality risk, risk of hospitalization, and psychosocial issues.
In addition, we provide the following to ensure your success within this value-based care model.

Application Support – We make the application process fast and easy with templated responses that address key CMS requirements.

Data Analysis – We’ll provide an analysis of the data provided by CMS so you have the most information possible about the patients you’ll be managing.

Financial Analysis – We help you predict staffing needs, costs, hospice conversion rates, and financial returns based on complex modeling developed by Acclivity’s team of experts.

Partnership Search-We will help identify and support outreach to community providers to fill any gaps in your care delivery model.

IT Gap Analysis -We will help you determine whether the technology you have in place now meets the CMS requirements and is sufficient for managing these SIP patients. We’ll also make recommendations on how you can address any gaps we uncover.

Best Practices – We will offer guidance and access to industry thought leaders and other hospice organizations embarking on the same journey as you.

Ongoing Support -Once the program begins in January, we will provide ongoing support, analytics, workflow, and reporting capabilities to ensure your success

View a complementary online webinar to learn more about Primary Care First, whether you qualify, and how it can result in performance-based adjustments of up to 50% of revenue.

If you would like to learn more about Primary Care First or how Acclivity Health can help your organization, please get in touch and one of our experts will contact you.