February 22, 2018


A Successful Journey

We’ve got great success stories! Below are several clients we’ve worked with and a description of the success that’s being achieved through our partnership.

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Citra Health Solutions


Acclivity and Citra have been providing novel approaches to managed care in healthcare, and together the pair covers for the full spectrum of needs for all curative, palliative and end of life care.  Citra provides a robust claims and administrative platform, a nationwide team of nurses providing real-time care delivery, and a platform that has supported more than 2 million clinical transactions per year.  Acclivity has helped with Citra and its ACO customers achieve success with its services and technology capabilities. 

CURA Health Management


Acclivity and Cura have an integrated solution that allows providers, ACOs, and emerging value-based organizations succeed as new reimbursement economies and alternative payment models take shape across the healthcare landscape.  Shared customers in Jacksonville, New Jersey and Ohio have experienced significant successes in achieving shared savings, reimbursement bonuses and new lines of revenue through platform and services offerings that drive care redesign and clinical and financial performance improvements.

Physicians Group Services


Acclivity and Physician Group Services are leading the way in Northeast Florida with a partnership that is full collaborative around a mission to achieve shared success in 14 Medicare Advantage Plans, where the lives of 22,557 patients are being improved by focused attention on unmet patient needs and proven care pathways.  The technology overlay, Sagus - Acclivities platform - has helped to shape care coordination efforts through analytics, workflow and patient engagement.  

ACO Health Partners


Acclivity and ACO Health Partners - a Track 1, Medicare Shared Savings ACO, have been partnered since 2017.  Acclivity provides technology and services to drive analytics, cost reductions, patient engagement and clinical and financial outcomes.  Significant successes have been achieved in multiple years of the ACO's service to its members, and Acclivity is well positioned to ensure continued success for the providers, members and governing stakeholders. 

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