Primary Care First

Unlock the Value of Primary Care First

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid recently unveiled their Primary Care First (PCF) model to improve the quality of care for Medicare patients while reducing costs. The Seriously Ill Population model under PCF is designed for high-need, high risk patients who are receiving fragmented or inadequate care. This new model will be offered in 26 states and regions beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

How will Primary Care First-SIP Work for You

Under the new Primary Care First–Seriously Ill Population (PCF-SIP) Option, participating hospice and palliative care organizations can reap financial rewards by coordinating the care of patients with advanced illnesses and keeping them out of the hospital. Some benefits to you include:

  • Reimbursement for services you can’t bill for today
  • Bonus opportunities when patients are well-managed
  • Earlier access to hospice-ready or soon-to-be hospice appropriate patients
  • Increased referrals through stronger relationships with community providers
  • Experience working with Medicare Advantage payers, giving you an advantage over other hospices

At Acclivity, we are dedicated to helping you navigate through these options. The resources on this page have been developed to help you understand, assess benefits, and participate in the program.

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