March 13, 2018


Are you a health care provider?

Acclivity seeks to provide support to Providers who are making the shift from a fee for service paradigm to a value-based model.


Acclivity provides services to show the Provider what patients statistically carry the highest risk and manage Provider workflow to allocate the necessary resources to those patients who need immediate intervention to head off an Emergent visit outside of the practice.

We understand the challenges in maintaining high member satisfaction while keeping costs and risk low. With our proprietary technology, we enable providers to make the critical decisions that are best not only for them but for the patients they care for.

In addition to our technological suite, workflow solutions, and analytics, we can also
review a Provider's current contracts, 
ensure they meet goals, increase utilization, and decrease cost and risk.

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Shifting to value-based care ? Taking on additional risk?

If you answered yes, let's have a conversation around how Acclivity can help you!

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