March 9, 2018

Sagus Technology

Acclivity’s Sagus Platform is a Care Acuity Management Solution that leverages data and machine learning to enable shared-decision making between providers, patients, and their families.  We call it “Connected Care.”  Our goal is to improve quality of life for the individual and the family on their terms.

Modern Technology Connected Care

SA·GUS    [saw-guh s]     adjective     1. prophetic    2. prescient   3. visionary

Aspects of Care

Care is managed through a comprehensive needs-based
algorithm based on the following attributes:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cultural
  • Psychosocial
  • Spiritual
  • Ethical

While delivering these outcomes, we . . .

  • increase patient satisfaction
  • improve life quality
  • reduce medical cost (often to 50% or more per patient)
  • focus on “Whole Person Care”
  • drive growth in Palliative program participation and adoption

Analytics Services

Whether you require full analytics services or simple analytics processing, Acclivity has the knowledge and staff to support your needs.  We leverage data from clinical, financial and administrative streams to support patients and many of their specific unmet needs.

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Workflow Solutions

Acclivity enables patients and their families, carers and communities to make meaningful decisions together. Crucial information is populated directly into the workflows of the individuals serving the patient, and Sagus provides meaningful workflow solutions that include:  Referral, care coordination, communication and life quality enhancement

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Machine Learning

Our proprietary technology allows payers and providers a way to predict which of their members is the most at-risk and accurately track patients across their continuum of care, as well as allowing families, caregivers, and patients a way to track their symptoms and care steps across all providers.

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