February 22, 2018

What We Do

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Actionable Analytics

Our Sagus technology is a modern overlay to traditional care – the core of our platform is centered in digital technology, customized workflow management, patient preference and a managed care philosophy - Not just Patient-Centered Care, but “Patient-Directed" Care

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Workflow Solutions

Our Sagus technology supports  streamlined electronic referral, first responder and emergency services ePOLST reveals, life quality scoring tools, and care team - patient- patient family - layman carer - social worker - clergy communication solutions are just a few of our advanced workflow solutions

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Machine Learning / AI

Our Sagus technology leverages machine learning, deep neural networks and emerging artificial intelligence to derive patterns unknown before to support the appropriate levels of care for patients from data about disease, symptoms, diagnostics and family and patient history

The technology behind our services.

Acclivity’s Sagus Platform leverages data and machine learning to enable shared-decision making between providers, patients and their families.  We call it “Connected Care.”  Our goal is to improve quality of life for  the individual and the family on their terms.

We belive in whole person care

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