March 13, 2018

The Employer

As US employers examine strategies for recruiting the best talent and offering right-sized employee benefits, they are also examining ways to reduce costs, which means that healthcare plans (the highest cost benefit) have come under scrutiny as never before. As well, providers are facing pressures from both insurers and policy makers that cost containment for healthcare services must be prioritized.


Employer - Employee Relationship

First and foremost, providers, employees acting as layman caregivers and employers must work together as never before. Bridges of communication and collaboration can only help overwhelmed and often under-served employees, who themselves are often helping mom or dad with serious life-limiting illness.  Employers can offer new benefit options to support these employees helping a family member with advanced illness.

Employees want to ensure that job performance and productivity are prioritized, but it’s also important to recognize that some employees feel they’ve run out of options and make decisions that either alienate family or create absenteeism or truancy problems on the job. Employers need to get creative by participating with employees and plans by finding outside-the-box ways to provide cost effective healthcare benefits.

Rising Need for Caregivers

To add to the confusion, let’s look at the fact that we are largely a country of aging adults, which means that more and more of our population will live the next decade of life either as patient or caregiver, coping with serious, life-threatening illnesses — and in our death-denying culture,hospice and palliative care are not only vastly underutilized. Those options are largely turned away from. The problem with that?

Research reflects that utilization of palliative care saves money and increases patient comfort and quality of life. It’s that simple. And dying, death, and bereavement add significant burden to already taxed employees.

A Platform to Help

Enter Acclivity: A platform where employers, patients, caregivers and professional care providers can all weigh in on what is actually happening throughout a specific individual’s care journey…and if all involved can participate in the journey, the outcomes for each stakeholder are significantly improved.

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