March 13, 2018

The Payer

The Payer Info graphic EDITED

Payers navigating journeys with members

facing life-limiting illness


As Payers face the "Silver Tsunami," (10,000 adults reach retirement age each day in the United States)  it can often be difficult to know which members carry the highest risks, as well as connect with those members on the subject of their best possible medical care. Acclivity provides support to Payer entities as they face these members by advocating for longevity, life quality, independence and appropriate levels of communication. We understand the need to encourage member retention through high satisfaction while facing rising costs.


As Payers follow regulations that require innovations to support value-based care models, Acclivity provides a platform to support novel engagement solutions that drive improvements in Advance Care Planning, POLST, and MOLST completion, and appropriate care setting selection when palliative and hospice are deemed necessary and appropriate.


Acclivity makes it possible to approach your members with confidence, backed by knowledge generated from our machine learning models and decades worth of data science experience. We can provide you with the insights, workflows and engagement solutions to better engage members, who carry the highest risk, and open the avenues to educate them on the benefits of having whole-person, supportive, and palliative added to their journeys.