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Upcoming webinars

Late April

Prepare Your Hospice for Success with Primary Care First – SIP

When the Primary Care First – Seriously Ill Population (PCF-SIP) program begins January 2021, will your organization be ready with the systems and workflows you need to ensure success? Learn how technology can support whole-person care for improved outcomes and help you reap the financial rewards PCF can provide.

Presented by Jeremy Powell


Alternative Payments and Reimbursement Shifts for Palliative and Hospice.

Healthcare costs in the U.S. are skyrocketing, and the quality of outcomes, measured at the population level, far trails the quality of care provided in other sovereignties.  The federal government is addressing these two issues, “costs” and “quality” within hospice by offering new models to improve outcomes.  Hear more about these innovations and how they will impact hospice and palliative care.

Presented by Jeremy Powell


Clinical Redesign for Hospices – Preparing for the Next Step

Through the Seriously Ill Population (SIP) payment model, CMS has provided hospices a unique opportunity to become drivers of care, even outside of the hospice population. To embrace this new model, a re-examination of service design must be considered.  Understand how to best embrace clinical design to build power, size and hospice provision itself.

Presented by Robin Stawasz


Artificial Intelligence in End-of-Life Care – A Bridge Too Far?

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, healthcare is often one of the last industries to fully adopt innovative technologies.  This session will explore Artificial Intelligence, and why it is crucial for end-of-life care settings.  Understand ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve patient outcomes, lower practice costs, and increase practitioner efficiencies.

Presented by Jeremy Powell

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