March 9, 2018

Workflow Solutions

Referral Workflow

Our model at Acclivity allows for leveraging referral channels from any care setting. Ensuring referral channels to palliative programs align with referrals to the Sagus platform is part of our implementation model. We see the opportunity for all referral channels to enter palliative care programs, the Acclivity Managed Care platform and other service delivery models simultaneously through technological integration. We support referring physicians leveraging smartphone applications to refer patients to Acclivity and partnered platforms seamlessly and in real time.

Sagus provides for user interface driven workflow management such that intake coordinators are alerted immediately to inbound referrals and the patient engagement process can be scheduled immediately.

Palliative Care Coordination

The Sagus platform provides for technology supported interactions between patients, families, care coordinators and other disciplines supporting patient stakeholders. This ensures that patient symptoms are more frequently tracked, are more accurately known, and most importantly, are actionable. Sagus can improve the quality and increase the frequency of interactions between palliative care patients and any service delivery model (home health, social worker, clergy, behaviorists). Sagus provides real-time information to the decision-making stakeholders relating to symptom circumstances. This  allows a service delivery organization to improve symptom management, improving levels of patient comfort and improving quality of life for its complex curative, curative-palliative and hospice patients.

Event Notifications

Empowering all resources within a service delivery model with the ability to become aware of critical patient needs, both inside and outside the scope of an emergency medical situation, as well as the ability to respond directly through a mobile application layer to patients, families, and medical providers to ensure improvements in the level of engagement with its patients.

Additionally, Sagus provides a platform for nurse practitioners and care coordinators to ensure the delivery of care is aligned with care goals and patient preferences. Sagus provides for the ability to coordinate care in real time through several communication conduits. This real-time awareness of need and response capability is critical to delivering value to patients.

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