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Acclivity Health unifies its exclusive data with your existing patient data for a complete view of care. The Acclivity Platform transforms aggregated data into automated workflows and actionable insights – ensuring improved quality, care transitions, and profitability.


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The value that we bring…

Our Connected Care Platform delivers a proven ROI for providers, maximizes alternative payment incentives, reduces healthcare costs, and improves quality and care for patients.


PMPY savings within Medicare Advantage cohorts


Reduction in hospital admissions


Average savings PMPY in
advanced care programs


Reduction in ED utilization

The Acclivity Connected Care Platform

The Connected Care Platform integrates seamlessly with your current systems and provides configurable workflows, ensuring effective care coordination and peak operational efficiency. More importantly, it allows you to leverage actionable insights that help you find the most profitable path forward regardless of payment model.


Savings realized for patients
guided by our solutions.

At a Glance View

Patient details with alerts and actions

More in Provider Groups

Consultation View

Propensity scoring for “Digital Twins” managing the same conditions, frailty
and functional status

Performance Trending

Includes AWV completion rate, TCM completion rate, and HCC score trends

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Achieve consistent financial success and better patient care through data-inspired insights.

Having access to the right type of actionable data can ensure patients receive the right care at the right time in the right place, all while improving financial outcomes.

Acclivity client results:

Up to 400%

Incremental Revenue


Average ROI

So… what does Acclivity Health do?

Are you seeing up to 60% additional revenue under Primary Care First?

Primary Care First practices using Acclivity generally see 30-60% additional revenue compared to those who don’t.

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