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Acclivity provides palliative care technology solutions that help to ensure the availability of informed, specialized medical care for people with serious illness, whether the goal of care is curative or comfort-based. In short, we use technology to help build a bridge between patient and family healthcare wishes and palliative care team-based decision making.
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Acclivity’s Analytics Platform

Utilization control statistics, cost savings analysis, benchmark comparisons

PATIENT & caregiver Engagement

Education, data capture (patient preferences, directives and documents), actionable profile

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Physician and Provider Referral

Provides easy, mobile-friendly Acclivity program referrals (from physician to SAGUS)

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Medical Event Management

Digital system awareness, automated event communications, profile-based data distribution, profile-centered intervention in care

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individual Care Coordination

Digital management of care ensuring alignment between delivery and the patient profile (true patient-directed care)

Acclivity provides a comprehensive platform to support patients, families, providers and health plans with care and dignity

THE CURRENT Demand for palliative care is high, and

has outmatched the established workforce.
  • % of the American population will be at or beyond retirement age by 2030

  • % of US hospitals that offer palliative care programs.

  • % of Medicare FFS payments link to quality/value

  • % of Health Consumers Use a Digital Delivery Platform


Together we are changing the face of paliative care in a value-based healthcare world.

Citra paves the way for a transition to value-based care for providers, health systems, payers, and employers by providing a one-contract, connected solutions for clinical, financial and administrative requirements.

ACO Health Partners
An Accountable Care Organization, serving Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries, dedicated to patient-directed care, ensuring that patients, especially the elderly and chronically ill, receive timely, accurate care.

Physicians Group Services’ goal is to provide the highest quality of care from pediatrics to geriatrics through advanced, modern treatments, while fostering clean and inviting patient centers with highly-trained staff. With a network of top providers covering a range of services, there is an expert in the area to help.

A Value Service Organization that helps physician networks achieve maximum revenue by providing Analytics as a service to find and correct problems within a healthcare system.

The non-profit utilizes community-based nurse care management to better manage chronic conditions, providing a better quality of life with fewer complications with their proprietary platform SPERO.

With deep Provider and Payer expertise, medASTUTE offers business advisory services to augment Acclivity software solutions to manage risk, quality and financial performance. Services include strategic planning, contracting evaluation, and operational redesign.

Wise Hospice Options provides Hospice Organizations with superior, cost-effective systems to manage and support Durable Medical Equipment and Pharmacy Management.


Our innovative team of healthcare experts has teamed up to address a perfect-storm opportunity - the aging of the US population, rising health care costs and shifting attitudes about the final stages of life. By coalescing service providers, patients and insurers onto a common, smart platform, and applying machine learning, we enable intelligent decisions to be made about complex palliative care options and service-delivery.

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