Enable your Hospice, Palliative, or Home Health organization to increase hospice transitions, get earlier referrals, and improve both care and length of stay.

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Get Better Insights into Your Patient Population

Acclivity is a Health IT Implementer for CMS’ Data at the Point of Care service (DPC). By leveraging Acclivity analytics against DPC data, you gain special insights into your patients, including which ones are appropriate for a transition to hospice.

Acclivity’s detailed reporting, customized dashboards, and care workflows allows you to make better decisions which translate into a positive impact on your patients and your bottom line. For more on Data at the Point of Care, visit our DPC resource page.


Palliative & Hospice referrals for a customer in 1 month.


Reduction in Emergency in utilization.


Hospice Length of Stay (LOS).

The Connected Care Platform for Hospice & Palliative

The Acclivity Connected Care Platform is the easiest way to overcome your major industry challenges – more referrals, increased LOS, and improved Daily Census.

Acclivity improves your overall Average Daily Census and referrals through our easy-to-use technology, exclusive access to 40 million patient records, connection to HIE’s, and expert hospice consultants. We integrate with your current EHR to enable longer length of stays, more referrals, and automated workflows.

The Connected Care Platform for Hospice & Palliative


Event Notifications from nearly 10,000 hospitals, practices, facilities. Get real-time alerts alerts about patients enrolled in your hospice who land in emergency departments, as well as your patients being discharged from centers of care in your community.


Prognostication/Mortality predictions using machine learning. Patients who currently receive home health skilled care, palliative care, or primary care will be engaged to move to appropriate care intensities based upon severity, acuity, and eligibility defined by the 6 month prognosis requirement for hospice.


Daily PPS predictions built from data aggregated by Acclivity on your patients. Prepare for action plans and pathways including Service Intensity Add-ons (SIAs), and schedule your workforce appropriately for the expected quantity and types of visits.


Native Quality & Financial Reporting tools allow you to prepare for – and remain compliant with – all quality measures that impact reimbursement, revenue, and outcomes. Also, understand utilization metrics related to hospitalization and emergency utilization to remain “in-network” for new alternative payments.

Functional Status

Quickly review your daily changes to functional status (as measured by our proprietary PPSe) run on every patient with our data to ensure you are tracking patients appropriate to move between service lines based upon need, crisis, or proactive engagement workflows.

Compassionate Care Candidates

Review patients on service for incremental care delivery and transition to higher acuity care service lines by validated, industry leading patient intelligence dashboards. We prospectively predict PPSe, Frailty (10 concepts), prognosis, hospitalization, 30 day readmission, 2 year high utilization likelihood and death in 1, 3, 6, 12 month time series for every patient on service.

Propensity Scoring

Further your teams’ visibility into future outcomes by benchmarking any of your individual patients against our total data set to validate and coalesce around “best next intervention” for each patient in your care.

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