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Primary Care First

Primary Care First Reporting, Analytics and Care Workflows to Simplify Success

Acclivity Top 5 : Primary Care First (PCF)

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What to know:

CMS could reduce your quarterly Primary Care First capitation payments by 20% to 50%. Contact us to learn how to get ahead of this potentially devastating capitation adjustment.

How Acclivity can help you:

We can start planning your mitigation strategies today, including…

Accurately predicting the size of your upcoming payment reduction

Identifying the drivers of the reduction by analyzing existing claims data

Offering step-by-step mitigation strategies to recapture your revenue

Enhancing your current workflows to reduce risk of future reductions

Providing on-going reports, tooling, and expertise so this doesn’t occur again

Other unique capabilities Acclivity offers to support PCF participants:

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    Care Services

    Reduce ER utilization and inpatient readmissions through improved transition of care services.

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    PPS Estimates

    Measure the disease burden for all your patients, without a physical examination, using Acclivity’s Palliative Performance Score (PPS) estimates.

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    Increase Revenues

    Increase revenues from targeted programs to drive enhanced care management and better financial outcomes from your total patient panel.

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    Referral Programs

    Build cohorts for targeted referral programs by refining the eligible patient list using palliative indicators like mortality risk, risk of hospitalization, and psychosocial issues.

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In addition, we provide the following to ensure your success within this value-based care model.

Application Support

We make the application process fast and easy with templated responses that address key CMS requirements.

Data Analysis

We’ll provide an analysis of the data provided by CMS so you have the most information possible about the patients you’ll be managing.

Financial Analysis

We help you predict staffing needs, costs, hospice conversion rates, and financial returns based on complex modeling developed by Acclivity’s team of experts.

Partnership Search

We will help identify and support outreach to community providers to fill any gaps in your care delivery model.

Primary Care First Leakage

Understanding Primary Care First Leakage and how Acclivity can help with our PCF Leakage Module.