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Unlock the Value of Primary Care First

The Primary Care First (PCF) model, first launched by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in January 2021, is now accepting applications for Cohort 2. The PCF value-based care model was designed to improve the quality of care and access to care for Medicare patients. It has also made it easier for primary care providers to maximize their revenue by giving them the freedom to develop their own approach to care delivery, based on the healthcare needs of the patients they serve. 

PCF, which will begin for Cohort 2 in January 2022, is now open to practices in 26 states and regions nationwide that specialize in internal medicine, general medicine, geriatric medicine, family medicine, and/or hospice and palliative medicine – not just CPC+ participants.

The application deadline is May 21.

How will Primary Care First Work for You

New PCF practices can reap financial rewards by coordinating the care of Medicare patients and keeping them out of the hospital. Some benefits to you include:

  • The flexibility to develop your own approach to care delivery based on your unique patient population and available resources.
  • A simple payment structure with fewer requirements and less paperwork than other value-based care programs.
  • Payments based on outcomes incentivize you to spend more time with patients and provide more coordinated, comprehensive care.
  • Performance-based adjustment of up to 50% of revenue based on a single outcome measure.

We Can help you apply

Acclivity is providing free guidance on your application responses as well as a complete review of your submission. If you’d like to go a step further, we are offering an Assessment that provides financial modeling to compare your fee-for-service payments to Primary Care First. The cost is nominal and we can quickly show you how your practice could benefit from this new program.

We’ve helped dozens of practices successfully apply for PCF in 2020. We know what CMS is looking for and the responses that will get your application the attention it deserves. So, we are extending that same help to practices who want to apply this year.

Although the date has been extended to May 21, you’ll want to act now to give ample time to respond and avoid any potential mistakes. We don’t want you to miss this opportunity for your primary care practice. You can contact us for assistance by emailing us at

Educational Sessions Designed to help you succeed

CMS’s newest value-based payment option, PCF, gives you an opportunity to increase revenue with less administrative burden and more flexibility to drive patient-centered care than other value-based plans. It supports the doctor-patient relationship by giving practitioners more time to spend with patients and deliver care based on their unique needs.

Is it a good fit for your practice? Join one of our two webinars to learn more about Primary Care First, whether you qualify, and how it can result in performance-based adjustments of up to 50% of revenue.

MGMA on-demand session from 3/25/21 How to Increase Revenue with CMS PCF

AAHCM on-demand session from 4/1/21 Increase Revenue and Enhance Care with CMS PCF

Acclivity Podcast Episode 1: What is Primary Care First and Should You Apply

While many organizations work to transform healthcare delivery, the truth is that innovation in healthcare is driven by the largest payer in the country, Medicare. As CMS works to move the industry away from fee-for-service and towards value-based care, how will it affect your primary care practice going forward? Could you, for example, welcome a system where you decide how much time you spend with patients – especially seriously ill patients – based on their needs, without worrying about how you’ll be compensated?

In this episode, we look at CMS’ newest innovation program, Primary Care First (PCF), and the potential financial benefits and flexibility it provides. John Dickey, Chief Operating Officer of Acclivity health, explains why primary care first practices should consider participating and how advanced analytics can help you benefit from being a participant. He reviews how the program has impacted revenue for the first PCF Cohort that began in January 2021, with some surprisingly positive results!

Listen here

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