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VBID Solutions for Health Plans

Acclivity provides key analytics, reporting, and coordinated care solutions to thrive within the Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) Payment Model.


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VBID Analytics & Management Solution Suite

  • VBID Hospice Carve-In specific data and analytics to identify hospice and palliative candidates to track and increase length of stays.
  • Mortality Predictions and Tracking. Mortality predictions for 3, 6, and 12 mos with 90% accuracy. Ensure members are receiving the most appropriate care and information on to make the best of end of life journey.
  • Transitional Care Management and Chronic Care Workflows to manage high needs and advanced illness populations, increase conversions to hospice, and reduce administrative burden.
  • Utilization Predictions and Management. Gain insights in real-time when members are being admitted for an emergency admission, hospital visit, or hospital discharge. Access predictions of who your potential high utilizers would be for a proactive approach, and which patients are mostly to readmit for a more proactive care approach.
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Access to Acclivity’s Hospice Partner Network

Full access to our hospice & palliative partners to create mutually beneficial care connections and streamlined transitional care coordination.

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Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation for Health Plans Explained

Acclivity combines our data sources with data from your network and other key claims sources. This consolidated data enables us to provide you with premier analytics, reporting, and workflows for success within value-based payment models.

Acclivity data sources include:
22 HIE Connections
24 Payer Claim Sources
ACO Data Connections
Post-Acute Data Connections
38 EHR Connections

Your participant data includes:
Medicare Claims
Medicaid Claims
Patient Info
Clinical Data
Financial Data
Provider Data
Membership Data
Scheduling Data

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