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Acclivity Clients Outperform non-Acclivity Clients 2 to 1 on Average Net Savings.

Acclivity Top 5 : ACO REACH

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Our Accountable Care Organization clients have an 80% success rate achieving shared savings goals.

By focusing on key risk and quality measures that matter for ACO REACH, Acclivity enables streamlined success. We do this via consolidation of data, vital ACO REACH predictive analytics, and value-based reporting.

Acclivity Health is designed to support and meet the value-based needs of all 3 types of ACO REACH organizations.

Standard ACOs

Standard ACOs with experience serving Original Medicare patients.

New Entrant ACOs

New Entrant ACOs who may rely initially on voluntary alignment and claims-based alignment.

High Needs Population ACOs

High Needs Population ACOs that serve high-risk Original Medicare patients with complex needs who are aligned through voluntary or claims-based alignment.

Simplified reporting for risk, contract, and network management.
Predictive Analytics to uncover future risk and network challenges.
Automated workflows to take appropriate action on current and future risk.

Succeed with ACO REACH

CMS is committed to improving care delivery and coordination in underserved communities. Acclivity Health offers a unique coordinated care platform to support that goal, with a full complement of effective tools to ensure your success in the ACO REACH program.

Since the founding of Acclivity, we have held an 80% success rate in ensuring our ACO clients achieve their shared savings goals. In 2021, our DCE clients created up to 30% shared savings. With the Acclivity platform, you’ll have all the data you need to manage your patient populations compassionately, effectively, and efficiently.

Download our ACO REACH data sheet

Learn more about ACO REACH with our on-demand webinar or download our ACO REACH data sheet.