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Acclivity Health Overview

Advanced Technology and Expertise that Create Best Practice Insights-to-Action for Healthcare Organizations Within Value-Based Payment Models.

Acclivity Health was founded on the notion that care providers, patients, and their families deserve to be valued participants in the care delivery model. Our goal is to imagine, design, and create a nationwide care coordination community through our technology solutions, data and healthcare networks.

Through value based care analytics, population health, transitional care, chronic care, data aggregation, and care management technology, we ensure we meet the needs of any healthcare organization to enhance both clinical and financial outcomes.

Acclivity has 3 key value differentiators:


Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy of data aggregation.


Identify, predict and uncover

Being able to identify, predict, and uncover high risk and seriously ill populations / patients that most miss and also drive the majority of costs.


Automated workflows

Not only can Acclivity “report the value-based care news” via analytics & machine learning, we also provide automated workflows to easily “take action on the news” for better value-based results and frontline healthcare outcomes.

From The Founder:

In early 2017, after witnessing the care experiences of aging friends and family members and working nearly 20 years in healthcare technology, a group of innovators continued to see healthcare ecosystem failures occurring for the sickest patients. Those patients make up about 5 percent of the population but account for 50 percent of the annual spend. They seek holistic care, but instead find fragmented, disjointed, and incomplete care because of their clinical complexity.

Our team realized the need for a new technology platform for healthcare that would provide coordinated, higher quality care for these patients and reduce overall spend. This platform could consume data from thousands of sources and analyze clinical, financial, device, and patient reported data to drive insights into the needs, disease burden, functional status, and care journeys of our sickest members of society. Acclivity started this innovative build in 2017. Today, we have over 200 customers across all 50 states (and Puerto Rico and DC) and serve the needs of over 8 million patients.

Jeremy Powell

Jeremy Powell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Meet Our Advisory Team:

At Acclivity Health, we believe in the value of bringing great industry minds together in collaboration toward improving care for patients with advanced illnesses. The brightest experts in the field join us as we shape the future of end-of-life care delivery.

LeeAnn Anderson

Founder & CEO
Activo Strategy Group


Les Schmidt



Jonathan Nicolla

Executive Director
Palliative Care Quality Collaborative


Melanie Skelton, MD, MS

Founder & Asst. Professor
Vanderbilt HealthSystem

Arif Kamal, MD

Chief Patient Officer
American Cancer Society


John Mulder, MD

Medical Director
Trillium Institute


Cliff Robertson, MD

President & CEO
Saint Francis Health System


Jeffrey Vaughn

Founder & Executive Director
Managed Care

Acclivity Advisor

We are a preferred partner of:

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