Partnership provides ACOs with data, insights, and strategic counsel to improve quality of care for seriously ill patients while reducing total cost of care

JACKSONVILLE, FL – October 6, 2021 Acclivity Health, a technology innovator transforming care for the seriously ill, today announced a partnership with Value Health Partners, LLC (VHP), a trusted partner in the creation of high-value, integrated population health organizations, to help position providers for success as they transition to value-based care models. By combining real-time data and actionable insights around financial and clinical performance with personalized, strategic roadmaps for establishing effective value-based care and payment models, Acclivity and VHP will help providers deliver high-quality patient care while reducing total cost of care.

“The healthcare industry’s move toward value-based care has the potential to dramatically change how healthcare is delivered for seriously ill patients in the U.S. for the better. However, this transition is incredibly complex and challenging for providers, and these organizations often struggle to be successful from both a clinical and financial perspective,” said Jeremy Powell, CEO of Acclivity Health. “Our collaboration with VHP will further enhance the value we offer to providers by equipping them to attain the best possible clinical and financial outcomes as they take on these alternative payment models. VHP delivers knowledge, practice transformation services, and know-how, and Acclivity delivers the right tools, analytics, and workflows to improve the quality of care while maximizing shared savings. It’s a perfect one-two punch combination.”

A long-time partner for practices, hospice organizations, palliative care organizations, health plans, ACOs and DCEs, Acclivity delivers the insights providers need to measure the disease burden for their patients, increase transparency for end-of-life care options, and deliver care when and where it is needed. Acclivity’s cloud-based platform includes analytics, machine learning, workflow management, and patient engagement tools that providers can use at the point of care and to collaborate securely with multiple disciplines within the care team. Additionally, Acclivity provides cost-effective risk assessment and population health management tools that help ACOs improve their financial performance and enhance the quality of care for patients.

Value Health Partners is a comprehensive information resource to organizations that have recognized the need to transition to value-based care. The VHP team is made up of professionals who have seen nearly every aspect of healthcare, and it is this knowledge and experience that allows VHP to be a guide and provide a roadmap for successfully transitioning from the historical fee for volume model, and into one of fee for value. VHP’s offerings include education on the structure and design of value-based care (including shared savings arrangements, ACOs, risk contracts, and other value-based care models); leveraging revenue streams that fund the value-based care infrastructure and activities; value-based

contract review and negotiation; clinical workflow design; analytics process design; financial projections and modeling; and the mitigation of provider burdens while maximizing the opportunities for success.

“We envision an American healthcare system that recognizes value as the key to top patient outcomes, organizational success, and financial sustainability,” said Bo Bobbitt, President of Value Health Partners. “An organization’s success under the value-based care model requires a strategic business roadmap tailored for their organization and the community they serve combined with timely insights into the organization’s clinical and financial performance and robust population health management. We’re excited to partner with Acclivity Health to deliver on this vision and transform the management of care by helping providers thrive in the era of value-based care.”

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About Acclivity Health

Acclivity Health Solutions is a trusted healthcare technology company with a mission to improve access to appropriate healthcare for patients with advanced illnesses. Its platform is designed to securely connect all members of a care community — physician practices, ACOs, hospice and palliative care organizations, payers, and caregivers — and facilitate effective care collaboration that results in the right care in the right place at the right time. By delivering appropriate and timely services to their shared patient population, multidisciplinary care teams are able to meet value-based care program requirements. Today, Acclivity serves healthcare organizations in all 50 states, enabling care management for 4 million patients. It has helped to prepare hospice and primary care organizations in 24 of 26 regions succeed in the Primary Care First and the Seriously Ill Population program. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Value Health Partners, LLC

VHP is your trusted partner in the transition to value-based care delivery, offering focused strategic counsel, development, and engagement services from industry leaders with a demonstrated track record of success. Founded by its President, Bo Bobbitt, VHP’s mission is to guide health care organizations, both big and small, as they move to value-based care models, and away from the unsustainable fee-for-service approach. VHP is not a technology company. It is a team of individuals with the knowledge and background to show organizations how they can put their focus into improving patient outcomes, while at the same time reducing burden and ensuring financial sustainability. For more information, please visit

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