While many organizations work to transform healthcare delivery, the truth is that innovation in healthcare is driven by the largest payer in the country, Medicare. As CMS works to move the industry away from fee-for-service and toward value-based care, how will it affect your primary care practice going forward? Could you, for example, welcome a system where you can decide how much time you spend with patients — especially seriously ill patients — based on their needs, without worrying about how you’ll be compensated?

In this episode, we look at CMS’s newest innovation program, Primary Care First (PCF), and the potential financial benefits and flexibility it provides. John Dickey, Chief Operating Officer of Acclivity Health, explains why primary care practices should consider participating and how advanced analytics can help you benefit from being a participant. He reviews how the program has impacted revenue for the first PCF Cohort that began in January 2021, with some surprisingly positive results!