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7 Ways Acclivity Creates Value for MSSP and ACO REACH Organizations

How to take your MSSP and ACO REACH organizations to the next level 

Advanced Data Aggregation

The most robust and expedient data aggregation process so you get the most consolidated and effective use of your data. Data examples include: EMR, Claims, Clinical Financial, Labs, Membership, RX, Additional Tech, and more.

Even better, there’s no IT lift on your end – Let Acclivity do the work.

Contract Management Tools

Contract Management Dashboards, Reporting, and Workflows to easily manage and gain new insights into your network, leakage, and overall risk.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics that empower both the ACO and provider network to have a full 360 view into the patient journey and future risk. Examples include: spend risk, mortality scores, future costs, utilization risk, PPS scores, hospice and palliative eligibility, and more.

Care Management Automation

Turning predictive insights into action. Transitional Care Management & Chronic Care Management workflow to ensure risk is acted upon rather than just uncovered.

SDOH, Equity, and Behavioral Health Insights

For SDOH, we use a nationally recognized geographic analysis tool that leverages the patient’s street address to identify social factors within a very specific census tract for that address. Plus, various equity and behavioral health insights and predictive models to help ensure equal outcomes for all.

Access to Acclivity’s Value Based Experts and Hospice & Palliative Network

Full access to our healthcare economists, actuaries, and value-based care consultants. Plus, access to our full array of hospice and palliative partners to create mutually beneficial care connections.

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