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Data Analysis – The New Leadership Tool

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By Robin Stawasz

Hospice leadership is becoming more and more dependent on having data and knowing how to use it. Having access to the right data, using that data to power predictive analytics, and leveraging data to prove value are essential tools that will set hospices apart. In the 2023 Hospice News Outlook Survey and Report, hospice leaders listed predictive analytics as the technology that was expected to generate the highest returns on investment, even more than staff training and many other technologies. Using data effectively can improve both patient care and the bottom line.

Data is used in so many ways. One is performance on quality measures required by CMS, such as the Hospice Care Index (HCI), the Star Ratings and other Care Compare metrics, and CAHPS surveys. These ratings are becoming more critical for providers’ referral choice, patient choice, and payer choice when deciding which hospices should be included in their networks, and hospice must know how to track these measures in real time as well as impact them. Another is using data to demonstrate value to potential partners. Knowing the impact a hospice has on spend and utilization is a requirement now to entering into any value-based or private contracts. Being able to track equity and access issues, as well as social drivers of care, is also required for many contracts, and is becoming more and more called for by CMS itself. Predictive analytics is also driving patient care management and can be used to identify which patients may be in need of increased visits at the end of life, driving the HVLDL measure and SIA payments. These are just a few ways that data is transforming how hospice care works, and those hospices who do not have access to data or know what to do with is will finds themselves left behind. 

Acclivity can help hospices with all these data issues. Acclivity’s data platform employs multiple access points to gain data, as well as the most powerful predictive analytics platform that is specialized just in the needs of the seriously ill and those who care for them. Acclivity uses the power of data to build interconnected communities between hospices and other post-acute providers, primary care providers, and payers to drive the rightsizing of care to the neediest patient populations while taking advantage of the latest innovative alternative payment models. The time to talk about data is now. 

If you would like to talk more about Data Analysis, Acclivity is here for you – please contact us.

Source Material: “Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Hospice Payment Rate Update Proposed Rule (CMS-1787-P)” posted by CMS on March 31, 2023, and available at  

Robin Stawasz