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Data at the Point of Care

CMS-based data to create robust patient journey insights and facilitate best practice decision making.

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Data at the Point of Care (DPC) is a CMS application programming interface (API) pilot that enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by making a patient’s Medicare claims data available to the provider for treatment purposes.

Acclivity Health helps you access your patients’ claims data through Data at the Point of Care.

We are able to do this because Acclivity is a DPC Health IT Implementer. DPC provides Medicare Part A, B, and D claims data, delivering new insights and a full picture of a patient’s history, all accessible in the Acclivity platform. 3 key benefits are:

Get More Data

Learn about new diagnoses, medications, completed procedures, and preventive items on your patients’ visits to other clinics, including urgent care, hospitals, and ER visits.

Manage Less Paperwork

Facilitate seamless transitions of care across provider teams by sharing a fuller picture of the patient’s care.

Improve Quality of Care

Spend less time tracking down patient records or relying on the patient’s memory for their medical history. Spend more time delivering better care and addressing patient needs during the visit.

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We also help Hospice and Palliative organizations leverage DPC to ensure patients get the right care at the right time.

Use predictive analytics to identify patients who are appropriate for transition to other levels of care (e.g., from palliative or home health to hospice).

Understand your hospice patients’ utilization trends to identify care being provided outside of the hospice benefit. Uncover opportunities for process improvement that keep you compliant with Medicare rules.

Download the Acclivity DPC Data Sheet

Read more about how Acclivity enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by leveraging Data at the Point of Care.