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GUIDE Program

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced GUIDE, an innovative payment model aimed at enhancing patient care while optimizing costs.

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What to Know

GUIDE is a nationwide, 8 year voluntary model is designed to attract Medicare Part-B enrolled providers and practitioners with the expertise and capabilities to establish Dementia Care Programs (DCPs).

At the heart of this model is the Monthly Dementia Care Management Payment (DCMP). In this article, we will explore how Acclivity Health is empowering healthcare providers to navigate and excel in the CMS GUIDE payment model, with a specific focus on Dementia Care Management.

GUIDE Model Design

Key components of the CMS GUIDE payment model include:

Dementia Care Programs (DCPs):

Providers and practitioners create DCPs tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals living with dementia. These programs aim to enhance the quality of life for dementia patients and their families.

Monthly Dementia Care Management Payment (DCMP):

Under the CMS GUIDE model, providers and practitioners receive a Monthly Dementia Care Management Payment (DCMP) designed to support dementia care management services. This payment serves as an incentive to deliver patient-centered and comprehensive care.

Quality Measures:

Providers participating in the CMS GUIDE model are expected to meet specific quality benchmarks related to dementia care, including care coordination, caregiver support, and patient outcomes.

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