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Health Care Data Company Acclivity Signs New Partnership, Part of Continued Growth

Acclivity in the News

About four years ago, Jeremy Powell had a revelation: While doctors might know a lot about medicine, they don’t necessarily know a lot about their patients.

And that problem is exacerbated when patients, particularly older ones, have multiple doctors treating multiple illnesses.

“As we get older, as we face more and more disease burden, we fall through the cracks,” he said recently. “No organization anywhere has a full picture of a patient.”

So he decided to do something about it.

Powell — whose background includes working as a health care client executive for IBM and chief commercial officer for Citra Health Solutions — and a team of other entrepreneurs who had built and sold health care tech companies founded Acclivity Health.

The Jacksonville-based company focuses on facilitating care for seriously ill and older patients. Pulling together data from electronic medical records, Acclivity’s Connected Care platform does things like measure patients’ disease burden and provide data to help with decisions around end-of-life care options.

Jim Boborci