No one knows how to manage your ACO’s unique group of providers and patient population better than you and your management team. However, in order to maximize shared savings and bonuses, you need the right analytics to identify, monitor, and manage opportunities to improve population health management and reduce total costs of care.

Because the United States healthcare system is fragmented, critical healthcare data is siloed within healthcare organizations, clinics, independent practices, and payer organizations. Interoperability between organizations is hampered by issues that include ownership of data, differences in data interpretation, privacy concerns, and limitations in technology.

If you’re managing an ACO, it may seem impossible to get a 360o view of your provider and patient populations, with complete spend visibility and an understanding of patient and provider behaviors. You may be able to see what patients in your population have been the highest utilizers in the past, but that only takes you so far.

Focus on Analytics that Make a Difference

To maximize success, your ACO needs to develop a strong network of high-quality, low-cost providers. To do this, you need actionable insights that enable you to see where you have issues with over-utilization and quality of care so you can implement interventions to minimize future spend and improve outcomes. Your analytics solution should allow you to:

Review the care of your patient population

  • Uncover rates of inappropriate or excess utilization
  • Discover abuses of care
  • Identify where problems are originating
  • Maintain a holistic, 360o view of every patient’s care

Evaluate Provider Performance

  • See exactly who’s spending, why, with whom, and for how much
  • Direct providers and patients to high-value post-acute care
  • Avoid claims packing and recycling
  • Eliminate providers who are costing your ACO money

Focus on Opportunities for Improvement

  • Customize reports from standard reports that address your unique needs
  • Utilize shared best reporting practices used by other ACOs
  • Anticipate upcoming high utilizers with prognostication tools
  • Connect care across your entire network

Look Ahead, Not in the Rear-View Mirror

With only old data to work from, too many healthcare organizations and ACOs focus on patients that have already utilized healthcare resources and may be moving into a period of relative stability. To minimize future utilization, you need to anticipate which patients are about to require more support and which can be directed to lower acuity care.

Few analytics vendors have structured their programs to provide this kind of analysis or support. One-size-fits all programs won’t allow you to do the customization that is required to deliver the insights you need to manage your network efficiently. Acclivity Health focuses on solving these issues and providing the tools, analytics, and workflows to ensure that every patient gets the right care in the right setting at the right time.  

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