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Today's Geriatric Medicine

March/April 2022 Issue – Today’s Geriatric Medicine

Suggested Reading

Our very own, Dr. John Mulder, bylined an article, “The Last Word: Palliative Care”,  for Today’s Geriatric Medicine.  In the article, he discusses the misconceptions about the work of palliative care specialists and how they are able to provide management of complex symptoms and side effects—physical, emotional, social, and spiritual—that make chronic and terminal illnesses difficult to bear. As Dr. Mulder states, “A toolbox of interventions, of which many (if not most) other clinicians simply aren’t aware”. He also mentions that clinicians and health systems now have access to analytical resources that help identify patients within their community who could benefit from palliative resources by using technology that provides an objective analysis based on a patient’s full medical, social, and emotional profile.

Jim Boborci