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7 Ways Acclivity Drives Value to Provider Based Organizations

The Solutions Your Organization Needs to Succeed

Advanced Data + Premier Data Aggregation

Acclivity consolidates all claims (payer portals, patient info, financial data, provider data, labs, pharmacy data, membership data, and scheduling data) into easy-to-read reports and actionable data notifications that integrate directly to your existing technology.

Value Based Care Reporting & Dashboards

Value-based specific reporting, dashboards to hyperfocus on 5% of patients driving over 50% of costs. A specific focus on at-risk benchmarks, cost avoidance, and care management opportunities to give you real-time insights on all elements pertaining to bonuses and reimbursements within value-based contracts.

Clinical and Patient Management Workflow

Examples include Transitional Care Management (TCM) module to notify you via text or email when it’s time to look at transitioning high needs patients to hospice/palliative care. Easily uncover patient attribution opportunities via Annual Wellness Visits and Chronic Care Management CCM patient workflows.

Predictive Analytics

Proactive predictions and insights rather than just reactive. Proactive, present opportunities, and retrospective appropriate care delivery opportunities. Including social determinants of health barriers, spend risk, mortality scoring, utilization predictions, risk and cost predictions, hospice and palliative future needs, HCC coding, and more.

Utilization Management & Predictions

  • Gain connections into local HIE sources to know in real-time when a patient is being admitted for an emergency admission, hospital visit, or hospital discharge
  • Notifications are real time, and are sent via email or text message
  • Access predictions of who your potential high utilizers would be for a proactive approach, and which patients are mostly to readmit for a more  proactive care approach

Contract Management Tools & Value Based Care Experts

Full access to our contract management tools, healthcare economists, actuaries, and value-based care consultants. Plus, access to our full array of post-acute partners to create mutually beneficial transitional care and care coordination arrangements. Work with a team that has helped providers thrive in VBC models like Primary Care First.

ACO & Hospice Network Access

Use Acclivity’s network of ACOs, hospices, palliative, and home health partners for more streamlined care coordination and care transition management

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