Quality in community-based palliative care programs

How one expert says it should be measured, practiced, and improved Quality care is vital to any medical organization’s success and, of course, the health and outcomes of their patients. But most physicians don’t receive any formal training on quality during their schooling or residency, which means most learning on the topic happens on the […]

Problems Facing Payers Right Now, And How To Combat Them

Bridging the gap between payer/provider groups, and hospices/SIP providers Prior to COVID-19, payers were already experiencing a number of stressors: meeting quality metrics, maximizing patient and provider satisfaction, minimizing acute care utilization, and more. Now, amidst a global pandemic, that list has only gotten longer.

Burnout in end-of-life care

When it comes to burnout, are we blaming the victim? In research by Dr. Arif Kamal, Chief Medical Officer of Acclivity Health, palliative care physician shortages are predicted to send patient-to-provider ratios skyrocketing in the coming decade —1:808, to be exact. The reasoning? Dr. Kamal and his team found that one-third of palliative care clinicians […]

After COVID-19, will hospices still use telemedicine?

The pandemic forced providers into online care. Will they stay logged in once they can see patients in person? The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of how hospice care is delivered during this time. But when it comes to hospices adopting telehealth in response to the virus, many are wondering if care delivery […]

Elevating the patient experience through telehealth

Our very own Robin Stawasz, LMSW and program development executive recently was interviewed by Stan Massey of Transcend Strategy Group.  During the conversation, they discussed the emerging uses of telehealth and remote care tools used to improve care and the overall patient-family experience by offering more comprehensive monitoring and instant communication.

What Is the 1135 Waiver and What Does It Mean for My Hospice?

During these historic times, many healthcare providers are struggling to provide care in the same ways they did before COVID-19 disrupted everyday lives. To alleviate these pressures and to facilitate continued support to fight COVID-19, the President instituted protocols to give governmental agencies, like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the authority to invoke […]

Acclivity Enhances Mobile App To Support Care During COVID-19

Patient- and family-facing app aids in screening, telehealth, and more As COVID-19 continues to spread across our nation, Acclivity Health understands the growing concerns of hospice and palliative care organizations. Providers are having to limit their patient visits due to lack of staff, PPE supplies, and risk of exposure. Hospitals are transferring their seriously ill […]

Palliative Care Engagement Platforms Don’t Just Help Patients — They Help Providers

Technology helps with increasing efficiency, defining a patient’s needs, and gathering information before the appointment. Palliative care physicians know that patients often have a number of questions for their doctors during their first appointment: What does my care plan look like now? How do you collaborate with my existing medical team? Can you help me […]

Palliative Care Is Complex, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing

PCforMe simplifies palliative care, empowers patients, and increases satisfaction. Historically, patients researching palliative care for the first time haven’t had the most helpful resources. Educational webpages tend to use medical terms, and often don’t explain the differences between palliative care and hospice. PCforMe’s interactivity seeks to personalize the education to the patient, and make their […]