How Providers Can Use Predictive Tools to Inform End-of-Life Referrals

By Robin Stawasz One of the major challenges for hospice organizations is to receive referrals from provider partners when patients are ready for end-of-life care. Predicting longevity runs counter to a doctor’s primary focus: to do everything they can to delay a patient’s death. Few have been clinically trained to estimate prognosis, and when they […]

The Role of Data at the Point of Care in Breaking Down Healthcare’s Silos

Dianne Gray, Chief Innovation & Patient Advocacy Officer Yesterday I received news that a 65-year-old breast cancer patient I worked with had died, leaving behind her 39-year-old daughter, a fiancé, her daughter’s father and her 85-year-old mother. Her healthcare journey provides one more example of the way too many lives end in a fragmented healthcare system […]

End of Life University Podcast: “Technology Advances for End-of-Life Care”

EOL University

Our Founder and CEO, Jeremy Powell recently sat down with Dr. Karen Wyatt, End of Life University to participate in a podcast: “Technology Advances for End-of-Life Care”. During this episode, Jeremy and the host discuss how technology can help solve some of the greatest challenges in the provision of end-of-life care, how technology can help […]