How Providers Can Use Predictive Tools to Inform End-of-Life Referrals

By Robin Stawasz One of the major challenges for hospice organizations is to receive referrals from provider partners when patients are ready for end-of-life care. Predicting longevity runs counter to a doctor’s primary focus: to do everything they can to delay a patient’s death. Few have been clinically trained to estimate prognosis, and when they […]

The Role of Data at the Point of Care in Breaking Down Healthcare’s Silos

Dianne Gray, Chief Innovation & Patient Advocacy Officer Yesterday I received news that a 65-year-old breast cancer patient I worked with had died, leaving behind her 39-year-old daughter, a fiancé, her daughter’s father and her 85-year-old mother. Her healthcare journey provides one more example of the way too many lives end in a fragmented healthcare system […]

End of Life University Podcast: “Technology Advances for End-of-Life Care”

EOL University

Our Founder and CEO, Jeremy Powell recently sat down with Dr. Karen Wyatt, End of Life University to participate in a podcast: “Technology Advances for End-of-Life Care”. During this episode, Jeremy and the host discuss how technology can help solve some of the greatest challenges in the provision of end-of-life care, how technology can help […]

Acclivity’s Dr. Mulder Discusses Palliative & Hospice Care

Hospice Explained

ty were recently featured in The Hospice Explained podcast entitled, Dr. John Mulder – Pioneering Member of Palliative Care Specialty. This podcast series covers topics spanning the differences between palliative and hospice, how technology can impact healthcare, and the stigma of other Doctors referring to hospice or palliative care for their patients.

End of Life University Podcast: “Palliative Care: What’s Needed Now and in the Future”

EOL University

Our very own, Dr. John Mulder, recently sat down with Dr. Karen Wyatt of End of Life University in her newest podcast episode: “Palliative Care: What’s Needed Now and in the Future”. During their conversation, they covered topics spanning Dr. Mulder’s background and how he got into the specialty, the difference between hospice and palliative care, addressing […]

How to Reduce the Staffing Shortage with Non-Clinical Care Navigators

Across the country, hospice organizations are competing for clinical staff from the same limited pool of eligible applicants. Even before COVID, demand for clinicians, nurses, and social workers outpaced supply. The pandemic has exacerbated the shortage, resulting in early retirements or resignations from the field to focus on non-patient care areas or different careers altogether. […]

Insights That Lead to ACO Success

ACO’s need smart data to efficiently run their network of providers. Using the right technology to provide you with actionable insights is critical to providing the best possible patient care.