Acclivity’s Dr. Mulder Discusses Palliative & Hospice Care

Hospice Explained

ty were recently featured in The Hospice Explained podcast entitled, Dr. John Mulder – Pioneering Member of Palliative Care Specialty. This podcast series covers topics spanning the differences between palliative and hospice, how technology can impact healthcare, and the stigma of other Doctors referring to hospice or palliative care for their patients.

End of Life University Podcast: “Palliative Care: What’s Needed Now and in the Future”

EOL University

Our very own, Dr. John Mulder, recently sat down with Dr. Karen Wyatt of End of Life University in her newest podcast episode: “Palliative Care: What’s Needed Now and in the Future”. During their conversation, they covered topics spanning Dr. Mulder’s background and how he got into the specialty, the difference between hospice and palliative care, addressing […]

How to Reduce the Staffing Shortage with Non-Clinical Care Navigators

Across the country, hospice organizations are competing for clinical staff from the same limited pool of eligible applicants. Even before COVID, demand for clinicians, nurses, and social workers outpaced supply. The pandemic has exacerbated the shortage, resulting in early retirements or resignations from the field to focus on non-patient care areas or different careers altogether. […]

Insights That Lead to ACO Success

ACO’s need smart data to efficiently run their network of providers. Using the right technology to provide you with actionable insights is critical to providing the best possible patient care.

Value-Based Care Models For Home Care Practices

Home care practices are now preparing for new CMS payment models and understanding new ways to make value-based care work for their organizations and their patients. To hear industry experts compare and contrast value-based payment options, including insights from Acclivity Health’s CEO Jeremy Powell and COO John Dickey, listen to the first installment of the […]

Hospice Providers Embrace Predictive Monitoring to Identify Prospective Patients

Hospice providers have increasingly adopted predictive analytic systems to identify patients in need of their services further upstream in their disease trajectory, as well as to demonstrate their value to payers and referral partners, including Medicare Advantage plans. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin allowing hospices to participate in Medicare Advantage […]

Choosing the Right Primary Care First Model for Your Hospice

Change is coming for hospices in 2021 as the industry starts to shift towards value-based payment models, including the Primary Care First initiative. As the implementation dates for these programs approach, hospices need to identify the value proposition and revenue potential for each of the models that will fall under the auspices of that program.

The need for a Serious Illness Digital Ecosystem (SIDE) to improve outcomes for patients receiving palliative and hospice care

The leadership team at Acclivity Health recently wrote a peer reviewed article that was published in April issue of The American Journal of Managed Care.  Here’s an excerpt of the abstract: Palliative and hospice care services produce immense benefits for patients living with serious illness and for their families. Due to the national shift toward value-based payment […]

Acclivity Enhances Mobile App To Support Care During COVID-19

Patient- and family-facing app aids in screening, telehealth, and more As COVID-19 continues to spread across our nation, Acclivity Health understands the growing concerns of hospice and palliative care organizations. Providers are having to limit their patient visits due to lack of staff, PPE supplies, and risk of exposure. Hospitals are transferring their seriously ill […]