Our Platform

Empowering Connected Care

Insight-Driven Advanced Illness Management


The cloud-based Acclivity Connected Care Platform was designed for connected care communities focused on patients with advanced illness.  In fact, our clients have created their own connected care communities autonomously and organically by bringing others involved in the patient journey on to the Acclivity platform – enabling multidisciplinary collaboration regarding the patient’s prognosis, care options and goals.

Acclivity Health was founded on the notion that care providers, patients, and their families deserve to be valued participants in the care delivery model. The founders’ goal was to imagine, design, and deliver a world where everyone across the care continuum is empowered by truly connected care.

our connected care platform

Using the Acclivity platform, healthcare providers can access a holistic picture of the patient journey, identify which patients are at highest risk for utilization of non-beneficial treatment, and connect to a multidisciplinary care community to collaborate and act on an appropriate care plan.

Circumvent the current model, which often directs patients to costly, sometimes even unnecessary care.

Drive patient care to most appropriate site, and eliminate costly and often unnecessary SNF, Rehab and Acute encounters.

Incentives aligned for hospice (capitated) models and value-based care for primary and specialist models.

Breaking Down the Silos

At Acclivity Health, we believe in the value of bringing great industry minds together in collaboration toward improving care for patients with advanced illnesses. The brightest experts in the field join us as we shape the future of end-of-life care delivery.

The Acclivity Connected Care Platform transforms what has historically been a fragmented, uncoordinated care approach and empowers care teams to:

  • Identify patients needing advanced-illness care earlier in their care journey
  • Transition costly patients to palliative, hospice, and advanced-illness care providers who are better equipped and reimbursed to deliver the appropriate care
  • Maximize patients’ use of benefits for symptom relief that achieves quality of life goals

Embracing Innovative Technologies

Our Connected Care Platform utilizes analytics, workflow management, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to empower truly informed, whole patient care.


Leveraging, in part, tools developed by public health experts at Johns Hopkins University, the Acclivity platform utilizes predictive modeling and customized workflows to provide data-driven, patient-centered decision making.


The patient’s prognosis, care options, and goals are presented in real-time, easy-to-consume and accessible-anywhere dashboards designed for transparent collaboration between the connected care community.  Clinical data from across the patient’s journey is populated directly into care team workflows, assisting with referrals, care coordination, and communication.


Leveraging the power of emerging technologies, our platform analyzes and segments patient populations based on health history, demographics, and behavioral indicators to identify and predict (with 95% accuracy) prognoses for patients with advanced illness who could benefit from a more appropriate plan of care. Our prognostic models help care teams determine the optimal site of service and specific targeted resources, giving patients, families and care teams direction and confidence in determining the most appropriate approach to their care.


Created by Duke University palliative care team members, research-based engagement tools help guide patients and families though the process associated with advanced illness – from diagnosis to defining goals of care and options for end-of-life care.

Learn how we’re transforming the management of advanced illness. Get in touch – we’d love to share our stories.