Palliative Care is Not Just for the Dying

Our very own, Dr. Mulder, recently was interviewed by Nora Macaluso of NextAvenue for an article titled, Palliative Care is Not Just for the Dying.  The article features how the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that palliative care can be valuable for managing the pain and stress of illness, and the importance of a holistic, team-based approach. […]

The Role of Data at the Point of Care in Breaking Down Healthcare’s Silos

Dianne Gray, Chief Innovation & Patient Advocacy Officer Yesterday I received news that a 65-year-old breast cancer patient I worked with had died, leaving behind her 39-year-old daughter, a fiancé, her daughter’s father and her 85-year-old mother. Her healthcare journey provides one more example of the way too many lives end in a fragmented healthcare system […]

Finding Your Value and Sharing it With Others


Our very own Robin Stawasz and our client, Kevin Hohnbaum, business development manager at Willamette Valley Hospice, recently co-authored an article entitled: “Finding Your Value and Sharing it With Others” that appears in the Fall 2021 quarterly addition of the NHPCO Newsline newsletter. In the article, they help explain the importance of how hospices should be finding […]

The Unmet Needs of Palliative Care patients

If palliative care were a drug, patients would be clamoring for it, providers would rely on it and more medical school graduates would be specializing in it. Palliative care has been proven to lower hospital readmission rates and healthcare costs, improve patient experience and outcomes and help people live longer. It gives patients more voice […]

Acclivity Health and Vytalize Health Partner to Improve Care for Palliative Patients

Innovative collaboration equips ACOs, palliative care, and home healthcare providers with data and insights to predict medical problems before they occur and avoid unnecessary ED and hospital stays Connected Care platform simplifies workflows and streamlines patient enrollment, allowing providers to spend more time with patients and reduce costs June 15, 2021, JACKSONVILLE, FL – Acclivity […]

Physician John Mulder: Combat Misconceptions About Palliative Care

Patients, families and clinicians in other fields need a better understanding of palliative care in order to fully realize the clinical and financial benefits of those services, according to physician John Mulder, M.D. The palliative care community also needs a more substantial reimbursement structure to ensure that providers can meet rising demand and to attract […]

Value-Based Models Could Promote Palliative Care Integration

Evolving value-based payment models can promote system integration of palliative care, posing risks and opportunities for participating hospice providers.Hospices will need to be proactive in building relationships with payer networks to reap the full benefits of these programs. A growing number of hospices have been diversifying their services to engage patients further upstream and open new revenue […]

“I witnessed what end-of-life care should be” Acclivity Health’s CEO shares the experience that led to his company’s creation.

Every year in the United States, 3.6 million people become Medicare eligible. Their health journey tends to go smoothly until the last few years of their lives, when their care becomes fragmented. They may need prescriptions, appointments with various doctors, mobility equipment, and more, while also wondering how much time they have left. Statistically, caring […]

Palliative Care Is Complex, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing

PCforMe simplifies palliative care, empowers patients, and increases satisfaction. Historically, patients researching palliative care for the first time haven’t had the most helpful resources. Educational webpages tend to use medical terms, and often don’t explain the differences between palliative care and hospice. PCforMe’s interactivity seeks to personalize the education to the patient, and make their […]